Ground Pile Management

Remote monitoring and full control over your pile

The Extron Ground Pile Management System continuously monitors conditions in and around your grain piles to give you all the critical information you need to help detect spoilage, understand trends and confidently manage your grain.  The system provides you with real-time, wireless grain temperatures and CO2 levels. The system also incorporates VFDs that control and monitor differential pressure, RPM, watts, current, power loss, wind speeds and much more.

The System Gateway provides a customized monitoring interface that allows you online access from anywhere at any time. Alerts and updates can be sent via email to facility managers, field operators and other designated personnel.

Looking for even more savings? Our Wireless Fan Control system will help manage grain quality while offering 40-70% savings on energy costs.

Ground Pile Management


  • Wireless temperature probes
  • Wireless CO2 /Humidity Sensors
  • Wireless fan control using variable frequency drive technology
  • Provides 40-60% savings on energy costs
  • Redundant wind speed, RPM, vacuum pressure and exhaust temperature

ROI Energy Savings

Disclaimer: This tool provides estimated data for illustration purposes only. Actual results or costs may vary and may be affected by additional factors not considered by this tool. The tool is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, express or implied, and in no event shall Extron be liable for any damages whatsoever in relation with the use of this tool.

Motor Speed and Motor power calculations are based on 7.5 Motor HP

System Architecture


Ground Pile Management Solution Products

System Gateway

Wireless Temperature Probes

  • Communicates real-time temperatures from probe to system controller

Wireless CO2 Sensors 

  • Communicate CO2 readings and exhaust temperatures to the system controller

Wireless Fan Control 

  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Starters

Wireless GenSet Monitor

  • Notifies users if they are on line or generator power