Hazard Monitoring

The BusMux Pro HD is a UL Certified temperature multiplexer that provides Intrinsically Safe circuitry suitable for use in Class, I, II and III, and Groups A-G Hazardous Locations. The BusMux Pro HD will accept any standard, off the shelf thermocouples and RTD’s. When using the BusMux Pro HD in conjunction with the Extron’s Patented Smart Sensor Technology, you have the confidence that you are truly reading the temperature at the sensing point and not a junction created somewhere in the circuitry.


  • UL Certified Intrinsically Safe
  • High density input cards for hazard monitoring
  • Extremely fast scan rates – thousands of points in seconds
  • Built in alarming – reducing PLC programming costs
    • High temp – warning and alarm
    • Rate of rise – warning and alarm
  • Open and Short thermocouple detection
    • Health scan – monitors the overall integrity of your system


  • Open Technology – utilize existing thermocouple infrastructure
  • Accepts any standard bus networks like EthernetIP, Modbus, etc.
  • The ability to read RTD inputs
  • No need to rip and replace an existing thermocouple system
  • Low installation cost per point
  • Each input card is isolated from one another


  • Heat trace
  • Bearing temperatures
  • Alignment temperatures

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BusMux Pro HD

Open and short thermocouple detection technology monitors the overall integrity of your system operations by performing extremely fast diagnostic scans.

System Architecture


Hazard Monitoring Solution Products

BusMux Pro HD

Bearing “T” Fitting

Patented Bearing Sensor

Patented Lug Sensor

Patented Rub Block Sensor

Rub Block Swing Door

  • A dual- hinged door allowing access to brass rub blocks
Extron Hazrd Monitoring

Hazard Monitoring

Our UL Certified Intrinsically Safe hazard monitoring system helps detect equipment malfunctions and belt misalignments throughout your facility with speed and reliability.

Extron Wireless Grain Management

Wireless Grain Management

Keep your grain safe and free from spoilage by remotely monitoring temperatures and controlling aeration fans in bins, tanks and flats based on local conditions.

Extron Ground Pile Management

Ground Pile Management

Remotely monitor conditions in and around your ground piles to help detect spoilage, control aeration fans and understand trends and confidently manage your grain.

Extron Spreader

Grain Spreaders

Designed to meet the specs of your bin, Extron’s directional flow spreader distributes grain fines while maintaining the quality of your grain. Eliminate the need for coring while keeping your grain level and in pristine condition.