System Architecture

Extron Company is committed to providing our customers cost-effective solutions for hazard monitoring, ground pile management and wireless grain management. System components are engineered to meet your unique needs and many of our products meet UL Intrinsically Safe standards. Our systems rely upon the innovative System Gateway system to keep you informed with the latest data. Wireless technology monitors and sends data  from the ground piles, bins and flats to the Extron System Gateway. The Gateway then sends the data directly to a computer or mobile device allowing you to monitor and control equipment, generate reports, analyze data and make real-time decisions anytime and anywhere.

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Extron Hazrd Monitoring

Hazard Monitoring

Our UL Certified Intrinsically Safe hazard monitoring system helps detect equipment malfunctions and belt misalignments throughout your facility with speed and reliability.

Extron Wireless Grain Management

Wireless Grain Management

Keep your grain safe and free from spoilage by remotely monitoring temperatures and controlling aeration fans in bins, tanks and flats based on local conditions.

Extron Ground Pile Management

Ground Pile Management

Remotely monitor conditions in and around your ground piles to help detect spoilage, control aeration fans and understand trends and confidently manage your grain.

Extron Spreader

Grain Spreaders

Designed to meet the specs of your bin, Extron’s directional flow spreader distributes grain fines while maintaining the quality of your grain. Eliminate the need for coring while keeping your grain level and in pristine condition.